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“Dr. George is a great doctor and enjoys working with people in sports. I’ve always been a skeptic as far as chiropractic goes, but I’m convinced its helped a lot.”
– Gary D.


“You’ve given me great relief, without the traditional medical care of pain killers, surgery and their side effects. You were also a great supporter in what I have gone through emotionally since my accident.”
– Kristin M.


“It’s now been 6 months and I cannot believe the difference. Now, I don’t take any medicine at all. No Surgery! No Limp! Now I go see my chiropractor once a week to make sure that I stay this way. For the 1st time in the last 10 years I feel great.”
– Marie C.

“Thank you so much to the wonderful doctors and staff at Auto & Work Injury Center. They are very professional and kind. Just what I needed during this rough time of my life.”
– Liz S.

Do you only treat people injured at work or in a car accident?

No, we’ve helped an equal amount of people with problems that were not due to a car or work accidents. We gladly accept most regular health insurances.

What is the difference between a doctor that specializes in auto & work accidents and one that does not?
  1. Proper Diagnosis and Treatment Plan: Without the correct protocol of testing and treatment, you are not only at risk for poor results, but your case could be potentially devalued in a court of law.
  2. Proper Documentation: Without a specific practice of documentation, if an office doesn’t keep detailed and accurate records, the patients claim may be reduced or even denied.
  3. Understanding What to Do and When to do it: Forms have to be filled out correctly and sent in on time. When to refer a patient to another MD or for imaging? What to do when a patient has an IME? All of these and dozens of other issues pop up through-out a case. If the doctor doesn’t understand what it is or how to handle it, it’s the patient’s loss.
What injurance do i use to be treated after an accident?

If the injury was caused by a car (whether you were also in a car, on a bike or a pedestrian) you must go through your car insurance’s Personal Injury Protection to pay for treatment. Many patients have had issues with their claims when they try to use regular insurance after an accident.

Will my auto insurance go up if i get treatment for injuries i sustained in a car accident?

If you were not at fault, no. If you caused the accident, the rate increase is based upon the damages to your car. Your rates will not go up based upon treatment.

Will i have to take my clothes off?

No, Examinations and treatments are done with clothes on.

Does the exam or the treatment hurt?

It’s virtually painless. We are aware you are already in pain and will not add to it.

What is an adjustment?

An adjustment is a gentle, specific movement of part of your body, the purpose of which is to correct any mis-alignment. The result is usually less stress and tension when everything is in place.

Is chiropractic care safe?

Yes, statistics prove that chiropractic is one of the safest forms of health care in the world. Proof of this could be correlated to the malpractice premiums, chiropractors pay only one-twentieth of what medical doctors pay annually.

Should i continue chiropractic care if i don’t have any symptoms and i feel better?

Relying solely on symptoms for knowing whether or not you are better hurts a lot of people. Just like seeing a dentist periodically can help detect cavities, the same detection for any spinal mis-alignment will keep you in a far more high-functioning state.

“Half the solution to any problem lies in defining it.” – Dr. Phil
Every thriving clinic is born out of principles that see the social causes worth championing.

Established in 2006 by George Cluen, DC, Auto and Work Injury Center continually strives to be to best facility for car accident and work injury patients. Our physicians continually educate themselves about issues in the worker’s compensation and personal injury field. Understanding the intricacies of these fields requires constant attention because it is always changing.

Top 3 ways we help you

  1. Same day examination specific to your type of injury and a report of findings to discuss what we’ve found and how we can help you.
  2. We are on your side! Is the insurance company causing you headaches? Let our years of experience handle those complex details for you.
  3. We teach you ongoing self-care so you have more control over your recovery.

The initial motivation & backstory

“It all began when I was about 14, I saw my friend badly injured on the field. While most kids just paused for a good laugh, I ran over to help. Unfortunately, my friend wasn’t able to walk due to the pain. Being in a time before cell phones, there was only one thing to do. With his pride broken, he leaned in, and I was happy to be his crutch to get home.

I learned something profound that day. I discovered that I enjoyed helping people in their moment of utmost need. That it was integral to my being. This path has since blossomed into a healer’s education to have the skills and tools to get people out of pain. As the clinic has taken on a life of its own, I enjoy facilitating an environment that my staff love working in and a safe place for patients to explore their restorative path.

I’ve been a chiropractor since 1998 and I’ve always enjoyed keeping our clinic on the cutting edge of the best tools and treatment plans. Our office continues to grow and improve because we want the best for our patients.”
-Dr. George Cluen

Founding Principles

  • Completely understand our patients’ injuries
  • Develop treatment plans that speed up the healing process
  • Combine several different treatments under one roof to improve patient outcomes & minimize travel
  • Understand the legal needs of our patients’ and their attorneys
  • Educate our patients so that they don’t become victims of insurer’s profit tactics
  • Teach our patients ongoing self-care so they avoid re-injury after treatment
  • Document our patients injury correctly to maximize the settlement they deserves

Many patients we see have already been to ER, but there are often no further solutions for them beyond pain killers and muscle relaxers. This can be scary when you know you need follow-up care to finish healing correctly.

We’ve also observed how insurance companies capitalize on injury victims who downplay how hurt they are without being checked. When people are vulnerable after an accident, the insurers will attempt to make settlment offers for pennies on the dollar before the full scope of the injury has been properly assessed. This can mean years of medical bills out of an individual’s pocket. So we’ve been taking the time to educate our patients how to protect themselves from this happening, and why its important to fully heal first.