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One of the biggest underlying causes of chronic pain is subluxation. Subluxation happens on a huge range from minor nerve interference all the way to disc herniation.

The most common underlying causes of chronic pain throughout the nervous system is a “subluxation.” A subluxation occurs when a vertebra slips off the elastic disc that cushions it against the vertebra below. This misaligned vertebra then presses down on the nerves, causing a “pinched” nerve, and the nervous system is consequently no longer able to transmit as efficiently as before the messages from the brain to the rest of the body, and this results is loss of function to the area supplied but that specific nerve.


Pain is only one of the symptoms of subluxations. Other symptoms of nerve interference are lack of motion, problems with respiratory, and digestive problems. Nerve interference treated with medication will show only temporary (if any) relief.

Subluxations often go undetected for years because they don’t cause pain in the early stages, and the failure to correct this unnoticed problem often results in serious and permanent damage to the spine itself. Such spinal damage may include the development of bone spurs, arthritis, spinal fusion and finally vertebral degeneration.

When Drugless Treatment Isn’t Enough

1.) We follow a careful protocol of getting results and sometimes more aggressive measures need to be part of the mix.
2.) Due to years of experience, we already know an strategic order of priority in treatments that will make a difference and can summarize the pro’s and con’s of each.
3.) We’ve also carefully done our homework on local pain specialists who have the most experience and can offer quality referrals.

Subluxation causes:

Subluxations are caused by slips, falls, and accidents. They’re also caused by gradual wear and tear brought on by such things as long hours of driving, poor posture, awkward sitting positions, unsafe lifting maneuvers, stress, sudden twisting actions and repetitive motions.

We specialize in identifying subluxation related pain. We have successfully treated 100’s of cases of chronic pain with physical therapy, soft tissue repair massage and chiropractic care.