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Portland Whiplash Chiropractor

There are many reasons why whiplash is the most subversive injury we treat, but time and again, we see people overlook their symptoms & we know that without treatment, this issue will haunt them. Don’t be one!

How Whiplash Happens

  1. In a whiplash injury, the acceleration-deceleration movements of the neck are typically completed within 250 milliseconds. This is not enough time for a protective response from the brain to counteract.
  2. In a rear end collision, starting at speeds of 8 mph, the first vehicle hitting the second vehicle produces a 2G force and with mathematical calculations, this translates into a 5G acceleration force of the head within .25 of a second. This phenomena of ‘magnification of acceleration’ imposes enough force to cause damage.
  3. The physics have been mathematically calculated to show that during the hyper flexion phase, the neck is under a compressive snap force of 500-600 lbs.

Because The Physics Of Whiplash Happen at Speeds Aa Low as 8mph, Most People Have No Idea They’ve Been Injured

  1. Research shows that the average car accident victim is in shock for 48-72 hrs after the incident and any pain usually takes 5 days to surface.
  2. Soft tissue damage will often not be painful unless touched with minor pressure, and can be deeper than the surface (which won’t show bruising.)
  3. Most whiplash victims confuse their neck pain with other day to day poor posture issues.

How Long Does It Take To Heal?

A healing ligament may have about 50% of its strength by six months after the injury, 80% after one year and 100% after 1-3 years depending on the stress load placed on it. There are three main phases of healing that make up this time:
  1. Acute inflammatory phase which lasts about 72 hours.
  2. Tissue repair can last 2 days to 6 weeks.
  3. Tissue remodeling phase which begins 3 weeks after the injury, can continue for over a year.

80% of whiplash victims are not checked properly in time (within 2 weeks) and are left with paying for the long term treatment out of their own pocket because symptoms are associated with day to day poor posture strain.

We are 100% covered by all car insurance providers and there is no deductible or copay for your care here.

Ivan admits to the social pressure of ‘manning up’ on his seemingly mild injuries, but there’s no reason to when your insurance exists to help you diagnose if you were actually hurt or not & recover properly.