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Top Work Injuries We Treat:

1.) Sprains/Strains/Disc Injury from improper lifting.

2.) Slip & Fall injuries to the back and extremities

3.) Neck and back pain from being in a company vehicle accident.

4.) Shoulder/Wrist/Arm pain from lifting or working on the computer for long hours.

We Have 15 Years Specializing In Work Injuries

  • We’ve Helped 100’s Of Workers Fully Recover And Return To Work
  • Treatment Is 100% Covered By Workers Compensation At A & W
  • No Referral Necessary For New Claims. Whether you’ve been sent to the “company doctor” or not, we can help. Call Now!


At Auto & Work Injury Center, we’ve successfully treated 100’s of work injury cases and have noticed a few ways that actually saves time and money when an injured worker is restored well. Injury correction done right the first time around means minimizing a variety of losses.

1.) Minimizing Your Money:

We utilize a unique combination of treatments to expedite the healing process and make sure your injury recovers as well as possible. When injuries don’t heal well, they can come back. Sometimes, after your case has been closed. We make sure your at full improvement prior to finishing your treatment.

2.) Minimizing Your Time:

Having several different types of providers under one roof is very beneficial. It allows different providers to interact on your case immediately. This improves your outcome at our office. Also, running from one provider’s office to another takes a lot of time. Time that most people don’t have now-a-days.

The Right Mix Of Treatments:

  • Chiropractic
  • Physical Therapy
  • Massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Medical Referrals (if necessary)

All Clinics Are Not The Same

“I injured my lower back two years ago and was sent to the Kaiser Occupational Medical clinic where I was given traction, exercises, anti-inflammatory, pain-killing and muscle relaxant drugs. After a few months they pronounced me cured and stopped treatment. My toes were still numb and I had thigh, calf, and foot cramps many times every evening. Also, I often had to assist my leg into the car and had to sit to put on pants.

Fortunately, I re-injured my back carrying heavy boxes. My employer sent me back to the same clinic. I told the doctors that their method had not really fixed my back and that I would like to be sent to a chiropractor. They tried to dissuade me with ‘re-injury’ and ‘too much time since…’ talk, but I was finally allowed to visit a chiropractor. Since coming to Auto & Work Injury Center , my pain is minimal, my muscles cramp only infrequently and whenever I can’t lift my leg, all I need is a chiropractic adjustment and I’m back to normal.

Dr. Cluen is not only a competent chiropractor, but he is truly interested in his patients and always kind, considerate, and helpful.” – Barbara A.